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Guardian Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers and Consultants is a limited liability company incorporated under the Jordanian Companies Act 1999. Established in 2000, and licensed by the Insurance Commission of Jordan, Guardian Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers and Consultants provides:

  • Insurance and Risk Management Consultancy Services
  • Insurance Brokerage Services
  • Reinsurance Brokerage Services

With the vision of becoming the premier choice of business' protection and enhancement, the Company is devoted to finding its clients the real opportunity in risk by assisting in transforming it from a liability into an advantageous solution that meets the demands of various stakeholders.

This strategic approach is further enhanced by the excellent relationships that the Company enjoys with local, regional and international insurance and reinsurance firms. A merit that would allow it to offer comprehensive insurance, reinsurance and risk management solutions that are supported by sophisticated risk analysis, global knowledge and expertise, and first-class insurance and reinsurance protection.